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Google launches Chrome for Android, finally!


You can’t know but default Android’s browser isn’t Chrome, only a implementation of Webkit.

Today(7), quietly, Google published the beta version of your browser in Android Market. But, only the ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich), or above, is able to run it. I hope the Google change it to a most “accessible” version.


The video below shows Chrome in action.

Android Market

Unfortunately I don’t have the Ice Cream Sandwich to write a review, but read complete description and comments of who already downloaded the brownser from Android Market.

If you uses Chrome, share your experience with us. 😉

See ya!

How is fight between Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome?

I’ve was analysing blog access chart and, curiously, I see how are the most usable browsers.

The fight between Firefox and Internet Explorer is old and, little time ago, Microsoft’s browser lost first position to Firefox. Now, with Google Chrome more stable and accessible, the three firsts position may be changed again.

In one year of interval, this blog had 35,738 visits, where the Firefox was most usable browser, responsible for 14,705 (41.75%) of access, distantly followed by Internet Explorer (10,542 access, or 29.5%) and Google Chrome (8,679 access, or 24.29%). Opera came in 4th and Safari came in 5th.

Below the chart generated by Google Analytics with complete list of browsers and amount of access:

Chart generated by Google Analytics between 06/07/2010 and 06/07/2011 (click to zoom)

Will be a matter of time to Internet Explorer to leave second position to Google Chrome

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