Google Play celebrate your 25 billion downloads with apps for US$ 0.25 copyrighted image

To celebrate 25 billion downloads, Google Play offers apps and games for 25¢ for limited time.

Apps on offer can be found here.


Make video clips, animations and posters with Source Filmmaker

Valve has released Source Filmmaker, a free application that allow you to create videos with the characters of Valve’s games.

You can remodel the characters, changing your facial expressions and stances, manipulate the environment and more.

It needs 11GBs in your Hard Disk and can be downloaded directly from Steam, clicking

There’s a video that shows what is possible do with Filmmaker.

SNESbox and NESbox – Super Nintendo and Nintendo 8 bits emulador made with Flash

If you are a nostalgic gamer, must have enjoyed classic games for Super Nintendo (SNES/Super Famicon) and, until today, should lost hours in your old and gray console.

I found SNESbox, a website where you can play various classics games like Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart,The Legend of Zelda and many others titles directly from your browser. You only need the Flash plugin.


For most oldschool gamer, there’s also NESbox. Website with Nintendo System (8bit) emulator made in Flash where you can play titles like Super Mario BrosBomber ManDuck Hunt and others.


Enjoy and remember, piracy is crime!






Infographic – Profile of Android developers

You, Android user, accessing Google Play looking for apps for daily uses or games, have you imagined who developed these applications? What these people does in vacation? They are young?

The site Startapp has published an infographic about profiles of these developers.

Infographic - Android Developers

Startapp -


RE6 – Capcom anticipates the release of Resident Evil 6

The Resident Evil’s fans can celebrate. According with GameSpot, Capcom decided move up release date of new title of  this series to October 2nd, one month earlier than original date (November 20th).

This date was announced by execute producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi at Capcom’s Captivate. He said that decision was motivated by positive reaction of fans and players to trailer published in January.

Watch trailer:

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