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How to enable Telnet and TFTP Client on Windows 7 and Windows 8

Like at Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 don’t enable Telnet and TFTP Clients in installation.

To enable them, open Control Panel > Programs and Features > click Turn Windows features On or Off in left side > enable Client Telnet  and  Client TFTP then click in OK.

I not tested in Windows Vista yet, but the process can be same.

See you soon!

The most used Unix commands for Windows

Have you thought about run commands like grep, chown, tail e su in Windows SO and can change command dir by ls?

Looking in internet for an alternative Win32 to command tail, I found UnixUtils. A compilation for Windows of most used commands in Linux/Unix.

You can download the ZIP file in SourceForge clicking here.


Disabling “Sleep” key in Windows Vista

You, accidentally, has pressed the “sleep” key in your multimedia keyboard instead another key? I wanna known how designed this “happy” key to express my total insatisfaction with this.

sleep key

Now I’ll show how to disable this key in Windows Vista.

Go to Control Panel, double click in Power Options:


Then click in “Choose what the power buttons do”:

Control Painel

Next and last step, in “When I press the sleep button” choose “Do nothing”, save and apply!

Power Suply

After this tutorial you can press this key in any time. 🙂

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