How you know, is not possible to use Playstation 3 wireless joystick like PC joystick with defaults drivers, but there is a custom driver that allow to PC’s bluetooth adapter find a PS 3 joystick.


  • Bluetooth adapter (if your PC/notebook don’t have it);
  • PS3 USB cable;
  • .NET Framework 4 – Can be downloaded from here;
  • Operational System Windows XP, Vista or 7 (seven).

You need to download the custom driver from Motionin Joy’s site to
Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32 bits) or Windows XP, Windows Vista e Windows 7 (64 bits).

Extract ZIP file and run the “.exe”. Follow installation steps and run “DS3 Tool”, or click Start Menu > Programs > MotioninJoy > DS3 Tool.

Screen below will be shown:

Connect the joystick in to PC using USB cable. Click menu “Driver Manager”, select the device and click in button “Install all”.

After installation (may take 1 minute), click in menu “Profiles”.

The joystick should appear in list (circle). Select the option “Playstation 2 (POV, Joysticks, Analog Trigger)”, “Custom” and number of joystick (for us “1”).

To finish, click menu “Bluetooth Pair”, select the joystick in list “Dual Shock 3” and click in button “Pair Now”.

It’s done! When MAC address apear where is “Have Paired to” you can disconnect USB and use joystick normally through Bluetooth.

Enjoy! 😉