I’m starting a new section called “Apps can’t miss in your Android“. This section will have reviews and tips for useful applications, that will help to extract all potentical from your Android.

I’ll start with RemoteControl for Earphones. It just cancel a vantage of iPhone over Android: to control media players using the earphones’s button.

The button’s behavior is to pause and start music. RemoteControl for Earphones allow you runs almost all commands of a media player. To play or pause, press button once, to skip forward, press button twice, to skip rewind, press four times…

RemoteControl for Earphones

App screen (Android Market)

This application is for free and don’t have advertisement.

Most players are incompatible, but it work very well in Morotola Droid’s player, Songbird, but not work in Winamp and players of Samsung Galaxy S and Motorola Atrix.

Link:  RemoteControl for Earphones
Price: Free
Advertisement: No