Installing multi-language support in Windows 7 Professional and Home Premium editions

12 May

Installing multi-language support in Windows 7 Professional and Home Premium editions

Multi-language support is native in Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate editions, but, following this tutorial you be able to alternate entire many languages in Professional and Home Premium editions.

First you’ll need of Vistalizator. This application enable to install muti-language support in all Windows 7 editions and, how it’s portable, you don’t need install it. Download it clicking here.

After, download the languages for architecture x64 (64 bits without Service Pack or Service Pack 1) or x86 (32 bits without Service Pack or Service Pack 1).

Now run the Vistalizator and click in “Add languages”.

Browse for language file that you desire and click in “Open”.

Will be show the message below, then click in OK to proceed

A new window will be open with language data and your description, then click in “Install Language”.

Wait the installation process be done.

Now, the Vistalizator will show for you the languages installed in your machine and there will be the recently installed language.

Reboot Windows and voilá. 😉

Now you have Windows 7 Professional/Home Premium with multi-language support.

The only bad thing that I noticed was: all time that you want to change the language, you must to use the Vistalizator, because the Windows 7 Professional and Home Premium doesn’t support this feature natively.


  1. I have win 7 pro 32 bit. When I try to use vistalizator it tells me that my build – 7601 – cannit be used with vistalizator

    1. Are you running Windows 7 with SP 1?
      If yes, click right button in Vistalizator exe, click properties and, in compatibility tab, choose Windows 7 (with not SP1).

      Maybe this should bu useful.

  2. i have more one problem in my laptop (dell insp N5040). there are bluetooth is not working. when i install bluetooth that model driver is same problem.

    i’m watch to device manager. there are bluetooth driver is yellow problem.

    I am sure if you can help me.

  3. Windows 7 SP1 Korean
    I got new laptop with Windows 7 SP1 Korean and i converted to English using your vistalizator tool with Express option.But after Converting to English i have 2 issues as as below:
    1)Windows Update does not work or its Control Panel item is blank or untranslated.
    (I even replaced the windows update agent version files 7.5.7601.17514 files with 7.4.7600.226 version files in system 32 by changing permission.
    2)After Changing to English ,it shows Windows 7 is not Genuine if i revert back to Korean the Windows 7 is Genuine it says.

    Please help me

    1. Hi!

      Same with me. After runs this tutorial the “Windows not genuine” alert will shows, there is not to do to disable them. To update your Windows, you needs back the language to korean, so will work fine!

  4. Hi,

    I would like to share that i was able to fix the windows the windows Update in Windows 7 SP1 if i download the load the language pack from the link

    and follow the steps given in this video
    to install language pack

    I am working on geniune issue…if i am able to fix i will share…

  5. Hi Andrew ,

    If your using DELL laptop,the easiest way is to download DELL English Windows 7 OEM DVD from torrents and reintsall the Windows 7.Later Reinstall the drivers from Drivers CD. Genuine issue will be solved.


  6. Hi, I just installed “Hungarian” language pack on my brand new HP Pavilion DV7-6B32 laptop, (to send it to Hungary as a gift) after couple of minutes I got this message “the computer is not running genuine Windows”
    Please help!

  7. Set windows update for manual installation.
    Uninstall kb971033, reboot and activate win.
    Start winupdate, uncheck and with rightclick hide kb971033, optionally install other updates.
    You can set winupdate on auto again, kb971033 won’t install and you won’t have the wat issue until kb971033 is left out.

  8. I just upgraded from XP to Win7 home premium 32-bit and understand miltu-languages are not natively supported (they were on XP). Clicked on your download Vistilizator “here” link and it didn’t work. Can you check this? I want to get my bilingual capability back again asap! Thanks.

  9. Ai André, show de bola essa dica…

    Very good Andre, your tip help me a lot!!!
    Thanks a lot…

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